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Community Mediation

We support the reduction of personal and environmental anti-social behaviour

Mediation is an impartial, confidential and solution-based service offered by ACT and delivered by fully trained staff and volunteers (accredited by Mediation UK), who can provide this service throughout Suffolk. Our mediators use a 7-stage process to support people through the mediation process to a positive outcome. Mediators will also refer service users to other agencies that are able to support any specific needs if ACT cannot support them through their own services.

The service is open to anyone and aims to improve relationships for individuals, families and communities experiencing conflict. There are a number of reasons a referral may be made including:

  • noise nuisance

  • verbal abuse

  • threatening behaviour

  • neighbour disputes

  • criminal damage

  • vandalism and

  • intimidation and harrassment.


We offer mediation in locations that meet the needs of the beneficiaries with the proviso that all parties feel safe and comfortable at the venue. Each party has one individual session with the mediator and then a joint session is held, if all parties agree. Sessions can be held virtually if that is preferred.


When an agreement is reached, this is put in writing and signed by all parties. 

Referrals can only be made into this service by the Police. If you have an issue, please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team to discuss a potential referral.

If you'd like to find out about volunteering for our Advice and Guidance team, contact: / 01473 622888

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