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Offering one-to-one mentoring support for vulnerable individuals - particulary young people

Offering one to one mentoring support, the service gives vulnerable individuals, particularly young people, the opportunity to have a mentor to support and guide them aiming to:

  • Reduce  offending and/or anti-social behaviour through involvement in positive activities

  • Raise awareness to the consequences of risk taking behaviours

  • Build the resilience of and provide support to vulnerable individuals (reducing the risk of exposure to abusive situations and improving life chances)

  • Reduce the gap between disadvantaged young people and their peers by funding sustainable activities

  • Support individuals to develop positive relationships.

We are funded by a series of small grants, often coming via Suffolk Community Foundation. It costs approximately £500 to provide a 20-week mentoring arrangement for a young person incorporating meaningful activities.

The mentoring support is delivered by trained volunteers and can range from a set period of visits for a young person, to an open ended arrangement for a family.

For more information on this service, please contact us on 01473 622888 or

If you'd like to find out about volunteering for our Mentoring team, contact: / 01473 622888

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