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Temporary Housing Scheme

We rent properties from private landlords and then let them to people who would not normally be able to rent in the private sector, for various reasons
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The scheme is a response to a lack of accessible accommodation for vulnerable people who are able to live independently and ready to move into permanent accommodation, primarily those on benefits or who cannot provide a guarantor.

We work closely with local private property owners across Suffolk and Essex, leasing in excess of 120 units of accommodation from them in order to sublet to those individuals who have successfully demonstrated their ability to manage a tenancy.

We provide the necessary tenancy management throughout the lifetime of the lease and we work closely with other support agencies to ensure individuals settle into an independent lifestyle.

This project is funded through a variety of grants and is accessed usually through our Accommodation Based Services. 

We are always looking for furniture and equipment for our houses so if you have anything you wish to donate, please contact our team on 01473 622888

We are always looking for new property so, if you are a private landlord with vacant accommodation, please contact our team on 01473 622888

If you'd like to find out about volunteering for our Housing team, contact: / 01473 622888

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