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Financially abused to debt free - here's how we helped

X was referred to the Money Advice service by another charity as she had been a victim of domestic abuse, coercive control and financial abuse. Her alleged abuser was arrested and remanded in custody due to threats to kill. X had two debts that had been run up in her name by the alleged perpetrator without her knowledge, both of which were causing her a great deal of anxiety and stress. X had never been in debt before and had always paid her bills on time. These current debts were unaffordable.

Woman with a final notice utility bill

One of the debts was for a large utility bill - the alleged perpetrator had taken the money from the victim to pay for it, but had not done so. The other debt was a credit card which the alleged perpetrator had run up a substantial sum on items for himself and his family.

Our Money Adviser was able to obtain grant funding to repay the unaffordable utility bill in full, removing the stress of repayment from X. He also made a request to the credit card provider asking for the debt to be written off and the client’s credit report to be cleared of defaults. After much discussion, evidence that the debt was not created by X, and negotiation the bank agreed to this.

X is now debt free; she has no credit defaults, a clean credit report and no utility debt. As she rebuilds her life, she does not have financial anxieties to worry about as well. Thank you to our team for this excellent piece of work.

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