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Going over and above in housing

We know how our staff go over and above their roles to help our service users but it’s always great to hear it in their own words. Here are a couple of messages that we’ve received lately:

We know how our staff go over and above their roles to help our service users but it’s always great to hear it in their own words. Here are a couple of messages that we’ve received lately:

The first was from an ex-service user who had caused Ipswich Borough Council some issues when they were trying to house him, until we gave him accommodation in one of our Short Term Emergency Beds. The team worked with him and eventually got him more permanent accommodation with another provider:

I would like to thank you all for allowing me to stay in your accommodation and getting me off the streets. I appreciate your time and help. In particular I’d like to thank the efforts of Denny for his support and helpfulness. He had maintained a good standard of cleanliness throughout the house and ensured I felt welcomed. I respect his hard work ethic and kind nature in always being available or offering a talk. I thank you Anglia Care Trust for providing me with electricity, a roof over my head, water to clean myself and heating to stay warm. Food parcels and a place to lay my head at night. I am grateful for my stay here and want to show my gratitude for the clean bedding, cutlery you offered upon my arrival. I have zero complaints on overall stay. Staff offered a helping hand in advice going forward and offered kind words when I needed someone to talk to. I don’t have many words to explain my appreciation to your company but hoped a little message would highlight how I feel. I am thankful so thank you.

So, we’d like to thank Denny and the rest of our STEPS team – we’ve been told that this particular service user ‘positively flourished’ with your support.

The second letter from an ex-Temporary Housing tenant speaks for itself:

Hello. My name is X and I am 70 year old. In September 2021, I split with my partner, my fault, and after couch surfing for a few months ended up in hospital for 3 weeks. I received a phone call from Lisa from ACT offering me a room in an HMO in another town. I explained that due to my current condition I would need constant access to a toilet and she agreed that would not be possible in a shared house. She got back to the Council to explain why I was turning down the placement and when I came out of hospital on Christmas Eve, I was put in a Hostel.
Two weeks later, the Council said I had to move to the other town or be made homeless. Reluctantly, and probably angry at this decision, I rang Lisa to confirm. She knew I didn’t want to move but assured me that the occupants would respect my physical problems caused by my condition. I moved in January helped by two of the occupants who had assembled a new wardrobe and chest of draws. All occupants agreed that the access to the toilet was guaranteed for me, barring someone locking themselves in accidentally. This was never tested.
During my stay in the house, Lisa was responsible mainly for us and spent time and effort trying to deal sympathetically with us and our varied problems. Marie also tried to solve our problems and keep the house running smoothly. By November, thanks to the incessant nagging of Sarah, I was finally given a bungalow. Even after I moved in, Lisa continued to help with housing benefit, council tax and essential living fund, as did Sarah.
I would like to thank Anglia Care Trust for having me when I needed help and for having the sense to employ these people.
Thank you.

Once again, thanks to Lisa, Marie and all of our team – you are all stars in our eyes!

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